Rodney Taft

Healing and Bodywork

In Person Sessions*

Call or email to book:

Maynard Massachusetts
At the office of Dr. Ming Wu (
76 Nason Street, Maynard, MA 01754

New York City:
At your home in Manhattan,
parts of Brooklyn and Queens.

*Healing sessions may include bodywork.
If you wish healing without any bodywork, although it may be hands-on,
it will not involve any direct or forceful manipulations of muscles,
connective tissue, organs, or bones, and no disrobing is necessary.
See Sessions in Person
For sessions at your home: I do not travel with a treatment table.
If you do not have your own table,

working on a bed covered with a flat sheet works well.

The intent of all my work is to create
positive change in a person.

Through a body-centered approach,
using a combination of hands-on and hands-off the-body techniques,
physical structure, posture, and movement
may all improve.  Pain decreases.
More energy flows.
And feelings become lighter.

Telephone Healing, Distance Healing

Sessions last as long as necessary.
Payment is the amount that you feel good about.
Payment by check or credit card.

Might our hearts all open more, like the sun- 
illumining ever brighter the horizon at dawn, 
filling our day with the colors of life,
and beckoning us to follow
in the beauty of dissolution at dusk.


Although Rodney Taft is licensed as a physician,
he is not practicing medicine as presented here.
You are not a medical patient of Rodney Taft.
He is not a participating provider in any insurance plan.
You are responsible for your own medical care,
and must proceed in the care of your health,
and the treatment of any disease,
in consultation with your personal physician.
Any changes in medication that you take,
and any changes in any other treatment
prescribed by your physician,
must be made in consultation with your physician.

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